That Tiny Mad Idea

That Tiny Mad Idea

There is a ‘once upon a time’ that quite possibly trumps all others.  Maybe you’ve heard it before.  It starts out with darkness, and then light.  There is mention of word or void that existed previous to the light.  This can be considered a human perspective, and since we are humans, it seems appropriate to be interested in human concerns.  Or is it a matter of dealing with the physical universe, as in all things made of light.  And what could there have been before that?  Well, one perspective is the singularity of all souls in perfect unified bliss.  So, if this was the case, how does anything else occur to break up this perfect bliss party?

Well, maybe its the idea of ‘what if?’  What if this is it?  What if there was a way to see if this is it?  What if I, as a minuscule holographic piece of this whole, could do this myself?  Be my self?  Be my own god?  This is a call for sovereignty, no?  For independence?  It seems.  And then there is light, space, matter, time, physical laws like gravity.  And it seems there is agony in the fall.   But, then there is the climb back.  The journey back home.


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