Hello world, once again!

Hello world, once again!

This begins an exercise in documenting some thoughts and stories.  As I have come to realize that I’m undervaluing much of my past experience in starting to forge a new, more conscious future, I want to list out some important accomplishments that come to mind right now.  The point of putting it online for the pubic keeps me honest.  That is not to diminish the power of creative thought and imagination, but knowing it may be read puts it firmly in the objective world.

For years, I’ve been thinking about putting my thoughts into the cloud.  Such a simple thing was so evasive that I allowed decades to pass.  I’ve certainly had other things to keep myself busy.  Being honest with myself, there is always enough time if there is enough motivation.  The thing is, I’ve tended to downplay those things I do every day and forget the larger accomplishments.  In my experience coming up in the world there has always been a certain mythological nobility in self-deprecation.  But I’m starting to think that is nonsense.

This in no way disregards the help I have had along the way.  I have so many others to thank. And, no one does anything significant on their own…

I’ve learned markup and programming languages and put them to use for many organizations, from local to Fortune 50 companies.  I planned and taught classes for adults in the field of web.

I gained experience in real estate and in various areas of construction to turn an old dilapidated house into a money-making asset.

I learned to play a couple of instruments, formed and played in a few bands and continue to write and record my own music.  Somewhere along the way I found both an appreciation and distaste for the music business.  Before I was done, I booked cover bands for the NY Islanders and ran a DIY music club for regional and national indie rock bands.

I figured out how to overcome many of my personal limitations through the use of energy healing.  Through that process and in the years that followed, I discovered some amazing aspects of the human condition and glimpsed some details about who and what I am.  I found myself an angel of a woman that will continue to grow with me after too many failed relationships to count.  I used my understanding of this energy work to help put my mother to rest in a way that was beautiful and sacred.  I fathered a child an continue to be amazed at the little person he is growing into.

I worked until I was burnt out.  I crawled out from that and learned how to lose 40+ lbs and re-think my diet entirely.

These things all had to happen before feeling an appreciation for the power of my prose and for understanding the value of expressing ideas that others may find interesting or valuable; but most importantly, leaving the results to chance, knowing deeply that chance is affected by more than simple probability, that there are deeper forces at work that I should allow to do their thing, and that I need not fully understand but trust in the intentions I set forth.  I’ll elaborate on all this and more in future posts.  As it turns out, I like to tell stories.  I seem to have a few.

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