Full Activation of the Heart

Full Activation of the Heart

Is humanity ready for the full activation of the heart?  Can we conceive of the gentle raw power we hold within us?  We are the engines of creation.  We hold the flame within us.  Each little nudge we receive from the collective spirit brings us closer to wielding this power.

This is not the power held in high regard in our wartorn/polarized political world.  This is not the power to destroy, although that potential exists.  This is about sheer creation, connection and limitless knowing.  Have you noticed lately that the craziness is amped up, that all things are being revealed about the nature of power as it is perceived?

edit (3/29/19)
I was awoken by a dream I had at 3am, again.  This one was a drama about a father whose son was in the hospital waiting to be released.  But there was a complication.  He was having severe heart arrhythmia.  This is a young child and this was not typical for this kid.  A young doctor pulls the father aside when no one else is around and advises him to take a walk or ride away from the proximity of the hospital for a little while because sometimes kids pick up on the anxiety of their nervous parents and this happens.  That some children have a deeper connection to their parents that can cause such a condition.

The father knew that this was possible but did not believe it was the reason in this case.  The truth of it was that this child was more sensitive than even the young doctor could conceive.  It turns out there was a doctor in the vicinity of the children’s ward with a real condition that he was hiding from his patients and other staff.  It was just a matter of this information coming to light.

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