Blinded with Science

Blinded with Science

I recently had a conversation with someone on Twitter about an issue that has stayed with me.  I believe it is because it pulls at the core of what and who we are as humans.  A connection announced she elected for a double mastectomy because of a test showing she had a high probability of getting breast cancer.  This was followed by a vast number of congratulatory and supportive responses.  It was nice to see how a small community can offer their support in a difficult situation.  However, I could not help but offer what I learned is a controversial viewpoint.  In fact, someone already had done so and was met with a disdainful, inflammatory response.  I am not one to get involved in social media arguments but there was something tugged at me to voice at least the idea that there was more to the picture.

Science is a study.  It is actually group of various studies that evolves as our understanding of our experience of our environment grows.  Some things we “knew” 150+ years ago…


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